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4 1/2 star review for The Guardian Trilogy by Sara Mack

Experience James, Emma, and Dane's story in one complete collection!

Book 1 ~ Guardian

True love never dies.
Emma Donohue begs to differ.

When a late night accident claims the love of her life, Emma secludes herself in memories of James. In his sandy brown hair and clear blue eyes. In their innocent first kiss and declarations of love. In their plans for a life together after college. But happy dreams can’t rid her of the guilt she carries. She can’t erase her actions the night he died. She can’t erase her reaction at his funeral. And she can’t erase the hollow void that fills her chest and consumes her heart.

The first time Emma hears James’ voice, she’s astounded. It sounds as if he’s standing right beside her, and she fears her shattered heart is trying to drive her mad. But, as she continues to hear the voice, she finds comfort in it. With the help of her best friend Shel and handsome newcomer Dane, she tries to move forward and start living again.

Until the voice in her head turns out to be more. So much more.

You know what they say.
True love never dies.

Book 2 ~ Allegiant

Last summer, Emma discovered that true love never dies.
It can return.
It can give you hope.
It can pull you from darkness.

Until it’s ripped from you.

As her 22nd birthday approaches, Emma Donohue finds herself back at school and utterly alone. Hours away from family and friends, her solitary days are spent contemplating what never should have been. James should never have died, but he did. He should never have been assigned as her Guardian,
but he was. And she should never have allowed Dane to get too close to her heart.

But she failed.

Desperate to fill her time, Emma is intrigued by her mysterious new neighbor, Garrett. She’s never met anyone quite like him before, and, curious, she attempts to discover his past. Little does she know his presence will pull her into a world she could never imagine. A world that follows an ancient doctrine.
A world built on loyalty, yet plagued by secrets and lies.

A world that will threaten everything – and everyone – she loves.

Book 3 ~ Reborn

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

When Emma Donohue wakes to find her world turned upside down, she wants nothing more than to return to the life she knew. To a life filled with a loving family, close friends, and college classes. To a normal life that didn’t involve the supernatural, odd bracelets, or three strangers who refuse to leave her side.

Unsure of what truly happened during The Allegiant’s attack, Emma tries to reconcile her past with her growing feelings for James, Garrett, and Dane. They remain steadfast in her protection, awaiting the arrival of the only people who hold the answers.

The Larvatus.

When Madeline and Ash appear, the revelations they bring not only rock Emma’s world, but everyone she touches. Her mind is twisted, caught up in new abilities and new desires. Her old self forgotten, she has never been more scared. She has never been more confused.

She has never been more empowered.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
But, sometimes, the absence leaves space for something better


The Guardian Trilogy: The Complete Collection (The Guardian Trilogy, #1-3)The Guardian Trilogy: The Complete Collection by Sara Mack

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Experience James, Emma, and Dane's story in one complete collection!

Tragedy struck and took the love of Emma's life. She can't erase the pain that consumes her heart. Her best friend Shel comes to visit to help her heal and it starts by visiting Jame's grave. Emma continues day by day and her heart is mending slowly but then all of a sudden she is hearing a familiar voice, the one she thought she would never hear again. Until the voice in her head turns out to be much more...

I came across this trilogy sold as .99 a few days ago and it was it is story I that will consume your heart. This trilogy will bring not only the supernatural within but also a love triangle and different friendships.

Fair warning, first two books have major cliffys but great news is that all 3 books are out today! Meet the Charmed, Larvatus, Allegiants and the Guardians of The Guardian Trilogy!

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