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Sherry Gammon's Port Fare Series with reviews, book trailers & teasers!

Love this series! These are YA books full of suspenseful thriller actions, and of course broken hearts looking to be pieced together with swooning romance of 2 hot detectives and a doctor!




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Synopsis of  #1 Unlovable

Port Fare, New York, has fallen into the clutches of true evil. The Dreser brothers have arrived with a scheme to increase drug sales in the area by whatever means possible. Seth Prescott is part of MET (Mobile Enforcement Teams) a branch of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). He's been assigned to work undercover at Port Fare High, and things aren't going very well, until senior Maggie Brown enters the equation. He's harbored a secret crush on her from day one, and now that she is in the center of the case, he's trying to stay clear and objective while walking the line between business and unrequited love.

Maggie is truly the poster child for Heroin Chic, complete with jutting bones and dark-ringed eyes, but is she an addict, or is there another reason for her appearance? She struggles with her feelings for Seth, fearing he is just another person who will eventually let her down, as everyone in her life has done thus far.

Maggie has spent her life caring for her alcoholic mother. A task that has left her heavily burdened and alone. Before long, her mother's health takes a turn for the worst, sending Maggie's life into a tale-spin.

While Seth works relentlessly to inject fear into the dealers and flush them out into the open, Maggie fights to stay alive as the hunt turns deadly.

Seth and Maggie's romantic journey is one of humor, heartbreak, and self-discovery

Unlovable (Port Fare, #1)Unlovable by Sherry Gammon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved Seth & Maggie's story and their story continues throughout the other two books as well even though they are not the main characters in them. You will get to see Cole and Bookers story also.

Seth is one of my favorite all time book boyfriends. He is the ultimate hero to Maggie's story. Not only her hero but the one to help her heal her broken heart back together and know what the true meaning of love really is since she has never been loved in her whole life. This book was a thrilling ride full of suspense and will pull at your emotions from the abuse that Maggie endures from her hateful mother. This book is one of the main reasons why I started reading a couple of years ago. I am so glad that I am fixing to start reading Booker & Tess's story now!

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Synopsis of #2 Unbelievable

Lilah Lopez Dreser's in town to take care of unfinished family business. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... or does it? Is there more to this Dreser than meets the eye? Is Cole in mortal danger when this firestorm throws sparks his way? This time around it may be a Dreser causing an uproar in Port Fare. It just may be Cole's best friend Booker. But is he wrong? Usually not!

Book Trailer for Unbelievable

Unbelievable (Port Fare, #2)Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another Butterflying Fantastic book from Sherry!!!!

This book was well worth the wait, Cole & Lilas story........btw.....loved Coles real name, that scene was hilarious.

Fell in love with Cole all over again. Lots of twists and more of Seth, Maggie, and Booker too......more surprises......not going to give out any spoilers but you will love it!

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Synopsis of #3 Unbearable

Booker Gatto is done. Done with women, his old life, all of it. Only the love of his friends in Port Fare keeps him going as he leaves the MET in exchange for the quiet
life his new law practice will provide.
Tess Selleck, once as ambitious and determined as she is smart and beautiful, had to leave everything and everyone she loves in San Diego to escape the man who destroyed her dreams and now wants her dead.
Together Booker and Tess find love when they least expect it, until their pasts drive
them apart. Is there a happily ever after for these damaged lovers? Or is the thought of loving and trusting again simply Unbearable?

Unbearable is the exciting conclusion to the Port Fare Series. Join Booker as he struggles to find his happily ever after.

Book Trailer for Unbearable

Unbearable (Port Fare, #3)Unbearable by Sherry Gammon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Booker's story is finally here!

Eek! I am so torn on which book was the best. I just don't know what to say, I had to take a day or two to be able to come back to fully review this book and series. I am going to promote this series on my FB blog, goodreads, Amazon, and of course my Blogger. It is worth the read and please don't miss out on this series. It will stay with you for a very long time. I read Unlovable a couple of years ago and then Unbelievable last Christmas.

"Tess dipped her head, sharing that beautiful smile of hers with the ground. I allowed myself to entertain the idea that maybe she was just shy, and I was overreacting. But I knew I wasn't. Yet, I didn't want to know what was going on with her. I preferred the "ignorance is bliss" philosophy for once. No more chaos. Yea, who was I kidding? I'd be stewing on it, more than I wanted to. So much for the quiet life."

I loved Booker and Tess's story. I already knew that Booker had a very sad and broken past but this book will explain in detail of what happened that day years ago when his family was murdered in front of him. Then, we have Tess who has a very broken past as well and each time I cried when I read what had happened to her. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time during this book. Unlovable will always be my fave but this one is very close to it then Unbelievable. I love Booker, Cole, and Seth and the girls. I so cannot wait for the movie they are making for Unlovable and I hope they will make a movie of all three. That would be fantastic!!

"The guy did have a great smile. Fun personality, sexy smile, and a good heart. Yup, Booker Gato was swoon-worthy."

I really enjoyed this series and glad all the guys found their HEA. I will forever hold this series and carry in my heart for a long time. Thank you Sherry for all you do and cannot wait for more of your writing to be published. I really appreciate how you can find a good YA read full of suspense/thriller/action and hot swooning clean romance! If that is what you are looking for, look no further, this series is for you! Hope you enjoy!

"We stood there, two damaged souls, pouring everything we had into the kiss. A beautiful, mind-blowing kiss."



Genre:  YA, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Unlovable is under contract to be made into a movie!!

Unlovable was Sherry's debut novel and quickly rose to many top seller lists on Amazon. She is pleased to announce that Unlovable is currently being made into a movie. She has added two more novels to her body of work. Souls in Peril, the poignant story of Max Sanchez who is on a journey to help the struggling JD Miller survive high school, and Pete & Tink, a fun, light-hearted novella of a manga-loving geek and and five-and-a-half inch fairy.
Sherry and her husband, along with their children and a couple of crazy dogs, call Upstate New York home. It is where she spends her nights writing instead of sleeping.{:
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