Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review of Broken Wings 04/10/14

I have read all the books from this author and I believe this one was my favorite thus far.

Broken Wings will take you to the depths of the sky and twist with your emotions. It kind of reminded me of the Pearl Harbor movie in a way. There is a plane called the Widow Maker which is from Pearl Harbor and also the story has two best friends that grew up together and went into the army to be pilots, Lincoln Shane Fox and Dax Lance Adams. Lincoln is married to Lynsie whom is the General's daughter.

The story takes place in Alabama. Being a pilot and just losing a good friend from a plane crash, Lincoln decides that he doesn't need to wait any longer and live each day the fullest because you never know what could happen in his career. Him and Lynsie have such passion and love for one another and decides to take the next step in their life to try to have a baby.

Three months later is the 4th of the July Air Show and tragedy strikes and Lynsie is left with a broken soul. Her best friend Dax is there to help out and they try to heal together. Over time, feelings start to reveal and unexpected surprises come into play.

Despite her grief, can she mend the pieces back together and learn to fly again? Take a chance on this story, you will not regret it!

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