Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 Star Review for The Will by Kristen Ashley

Five Star Review for "The Will" by Kristen Ashley

Seriously! That was Epic!
Alas, so many words that I have learned throughout
the book for my lovely read of "The Will", indeed ;)

Josephine Diana Malone aka Josie, 45 yrs old, granddaughter of the late Lydia Malone, is a very successful fashion designer who travels all over the world and works for Henry Magnon.

 James Markham Spear aka Jake, a retired boxer called "The Truck", raising all three of his kids from ages 8-Ethan James, 16-Amber Joelynn, & 17-Connor Markham, as a single father.

Josie gets the call she never wanted and comes back home where she was raised to bury her grandmother. Before she leaves, the Will must be read so she can take care of all the business of her grandmothers estate, The Lavender House. When the will was read, she was not surprised that her grandmother would of left anything else to someone besides herself because her grandmother was a very known caring, respectful, loving person in Magdalene.

What surprises Jake and Josie is that her grandmother Lydia left Jake for Josie as well as Josie for Jake. Jake finally convinces Josie to get to know one another as friends because that is what Lydia's last wish was. Jake kept on playing out that Josie was not her type but the truth was, he knew he wanted her then but couldn't tell her the truth because of their lifestyles were too different and he didn't think he was successful enough for her.

The Will took me places where I never imagined. I fell in love with Josie, Jake and the kids from the start. I learned so many new words from Josie's character that it was unreal. She was so anal and very wordy but always spoke in high standards but very respectful to where she could get her point across. Jake was totally opposite. He never spoke in completed sentences and always had to have some vulgar language in the mix but very domineering also to where it was very hot and sexy.

"Generous, Selfless, Tenderhearted, and Fierce", that is what Josie was looking for and alas, indeed, that she found it in Jake!

"She gave me everything." I told Jake. "Yeah, baby," he replied. "And then she died and she gave it to me again."

Loved, loved, loved this book! You will not be disappointed. It is by far one of my top 5 books in the last year!

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