Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Away by B.A. Wolfe

I had to read this story because all of the raging reviews of this author's debut album so I took a chance just like the others did.

I am so glad I took that leap of faith and dived right into this love story to meet Cassandra Pierce and Jason Bradley whom I fell deeply in love with at the beginning. I mean, who wouldn't want a Knight and Shining Armor who was a gorgeous cowboy with green eyes?

"He was gorgeous, helpful, and sweet. Talk about a trifecta." ~ Cassandra

You will find out later that both Cass and Jase both carry their on secrets leaving them both broken hearted in different ways but will soon come to light and both realize that they need each other to heal and take this journey together.

"Every beat that drummed in my chest was my heart telling me to go for it, to let it happen, that maybe just maybe, our two lost souls could help fix each other." ~ Cassandra

This book left me a with an emotional and blubbering mess. I recommend to read this book when you are not in public and get your box of tissues, chocolates and give yourself time to read it through without any breaks.

"What he once was, he was no more, and what we once had, had forever gone away." ~ Cassandra

Sometimes our HEA is not always planned out the way we want it.

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