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About Me


About Me

Hi, my name is Terri and I have a HUGE obsession with books. I am married to my best friend Scott of 16 years and have a handsome 21 year old stepson, and one pug named Krypto. I have several hobbies such as reading, blogging, and singing. I also play video games and collect action figures and collectibles such as Hello Kitty and DC Universe Women. One day, I would like to write and publish my own book!
I love to read all types of genres such as:

YA Romance, Comic Book/Graphic Novels, Paranormal/Supernatural, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Suspense, and Christian books

I do lots of things to help our Amazing authors with book promotions and to get their name out there such as:

I will mostly only be reviewing books, partake in some Blog Tours, and Release Day Blitz

Rating System:

1 star: It was bad!
2 stars: It was okay!
3 stars: It was great!
4 stars: It was amazing!
5 stars: It blew me away!

If you would like a review then you can message me at my email

  I prefer to read the book first before participating in any type of promotion of the book
1.  I do not read, review or take part in any type of books that involve Erotica, M/M, or F/F.
2.  If there is a lot of cheating, I will more than likely not read it or help promote the book.
3.  I will not promote any type of books that have a lot of Mature Rated Scenes throughout.
4.  If there is any type of nudity or foul language on the teasers or cover reveals, I will not assist in promoting them. 

I am a BLOGGER and will help promote for Authors but due to my own personal preferences, these are my stipulations.  I do this for fun and FREE and it is on my time so I should be able to choose what books to read and review to help promote as well.  Thank you for your understanding. 
Reviews posted Goodreads, Amazon, Blogger, FB Blog, Twitter!  My links are below:

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I've been told I'm not really 37 but really 7. I'm secretly a superhero & a gamer but not so secretly. I like Hello Kitty & playing Laura Croft and just being me.









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